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Buoy Ball LARGE - 51cm Swing with Adjustable Rope - Yellow

Buoy Ball LARGE - 51cm Swing with Adjustable Rope - Yellow

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Hop on, hang on, and soar! Swinging is one of the greatest joys of childhood. The inflatable buoy ball encourages core strenght, coordination and arm strength. A fun and unique way to swing. Easy to add to your playground or cubby house. Swing, bounce, or just hang around.

It is supplied with an air valve since it is non-inflated at delivery. Hang it low to create a kick ball, hang it high to be used as a boxing ball, hang it at normal height to be used as a swing.

The rings and eights are made in galvanised steel. The welds on the ropes are made in black PP. 51 cm diameter. 


Standards: compliant with EN-71-1-2-3-8,

Warranty: 2 years

PVC material

With KBT-logo

Ring and eight in galvanised steel

Black PP welds on the ropes

Supplied with an air valve

Supplied non-inflated

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