ʻWinkohʻ Nest Swing - Sensory Swing Pink & Lime
ʻWinkohʻ Nest Swing - Sensory Swing Pink & Lime
ʻWinkohʻ Nest Swing - Sensory Swing Pink & Lime

ʻWinkohʻ Nest Swing - Sensory Swing Pink & Lime

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Nest Swing 'WINKOH' Sensory Swing

Premium Quality nest swing, manufactured by play equipment global leader - KBT Play.

The nest swings are great fun and improve any child's play area. Swinging is enjoyable for all kids. A nest swing seat can fit two children at once. Swinging improves the children's ABC: agility, balance, and coordination, as well as their spatial awareness. But most of all, this nest swing brings lots of fun! This is the swing children love!

The KBT nest swing 'Winkoh' is delivered flat-packed in a cardboard box and is easily assembled. The black braided ropes give the nest swing a nice look and are easy to adjust in length. The steel frame is padded all around to ensure a soft impact. The fabric material is both strong and comfortable to the touch. Water can pass through it easily. The rings and eights are made in galvanised steel. The welds on the ropes are made in black PP.

This is a children’s residential swing.


Standards: compliant with EN-71-1-2-3-8

Warranty: 2 years

Water-repellent fabric

Check also other available colours

Comes in box; assembly required. 

Comes with manufactures date, safety and care instructions.